Justice or also known by 4our 5ive is a lyricist / producer from Denver. He's known for his aggressive but smooth delivery over any cadence of drums. His roots in hiphop come from the essence of the 90's. With several mixtapes released and being featured on projects, you can catch his caliber of lyricism across all streaming and download platforms. Stay tuned



Justice Rhymes is a Hip Hop lyricist and Producer from 
Denver, Colorado. The lyrical beast utilizes personal experience 
and unique word play to create visuals in every song. 
Justice Rhymes is considered the .45 cal of Hip Hop due to his 
lethal delivery and powerful content. He carries the ability to 
rock any crowd with his smooth flows and active lyrics. 
  Justice has put out numerous mixtapes over the years, and has a profound focus on producing, writting and engineering. He consitently pushes to keep his music for the 
streets and keep the essence of Hip Hop in all of his product.

Justice Rhymes